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Pollo Diavola

- £14.00

Chicken breast with mushrooms, garlic, chilli & white wine in a tomato sauce

Pollo Al Funghi Di Bosco

- £14.50

Chicken breast with wild mushrooms in a cream sauce with a touch of brandy

Saltimbocca Alla Romana

- £16.50

Pan seared veal escalope with Parma Ham & sage in a white wine butter parsley sauce

Scaloppa Milanese

- £16.50

Pan fried escalope of veal in breadcrumbs served with spaghetti in a tomato sauce or a selection of fresh vegetables

Anatra Apiacere

- £18.50

Sliced breast of duck in a Gran Marnier & orange sauce

Bistecca Alla Griglia

- £18.50

Grilled sirloin steak served with sautéed tomato & mushrooms

Bistecca Al Peppe

- £19.50

Grilled sirloin steak in a black peppercorn & brandy sauce

Bistecca Boscaiola

- £19.50

Grilled sirloin steak with mushrooms & onions in a tomato sauce

Filetto Alla Griglia

- £22.50

Grilled fillet steak served with sautéed tomato & mushrooms

Filetto Con Funghi

- £23.95

Grilled fillet steak with wild mushrooms in a red wine & brandy sauce with a touch of cream

Filetto Al Dolcelatte

- £23.95

Grilled fillet steak topped with Dolcelatte cheese in a rich Barolo wine sauce

Filetto Al Marsala

- £24.50

Grilled medallions of fillet steak with wild mushrooms in a Marsala wine sauce with just a touch of cream

Fegato Alle Erbe/Alla Griglia

- £18.50

Pan seared calf’s liver in a butter & sage sauce, or plain grilled with bacon

Fegato Al Marsala

- £18.50

Pan seared calf’s liver with mushrooms in a sweet Marsala wine sauce

Agnello Scottadita

- £19.50

Grilled best end of lamb or grilled in a garlic, chilli & red wine sauce

Popette Siciliana

- £16.50

Sicilian style meatballs in a tomato & basil sauce served with rice or pasta


Sogliola All Griglia

- M.P

Dover sole grilled on or off the bone or with a meuniere sauce

Sogliola Taormina

- M.P

Dover sole with a squeeze of fresh orange juice, a little grated
orange rind, butter & brandy sauce

Spigola Di Mare

- £18.95

Oven baked whole seabass or oven baked whole seabass with
a garlic butter sauce

Gamberoni All ‘Aglio

- £21.50

King prawns in a garlic, white wine, parsley lemon & butter sauce
served with rice or fresh vegetables

Sole Fiorentina

- £20.50

Oven baked lemon sole topped with spinach, fresh crab & prawns
in a cream & wild mushroom sauce or oven baked and served with a meuniere sauce

Scampi Fritti

- £19.00

Whole tail scampi in breadcrumbs, deep fried & served with tartar sauce

Scampi Provinciale

- £21.50

Whole tail scampi in a white wine, garlic, tomato & oregano sauce

Scampi Funghi Bosco

- £21.50

Whole tail scampi with wild mushrooms in a cream & white wine sauce

Pesce Misto Thermador

- £22.50

Whole tail scampi, king prawns and scallops in a thermador sauce

Pesce Spada

- £18.95

Fresh Swordfish steak in a provinciale sauce or meuniere sauce

Coda Provinciale

- £21.50

Monkfish with garlic & oregano in a tomato sauce

Side Orders



Green or Mixed salad - £3.95

Tomato, Avocado & Rocket salad - £4.95

Garlic Bread - £2.95

Bowl of Sicilian marinated Olives - £3.00

Selection of Desserts - £4.95

Specialty Ice Cream Or Sorbet from - £4.50

Single Espresso - £2.00

Large Espresso - £2.50

Cappuccino, White Or Black - £2.50

Tea/Herbal Tea - £2.00

Liqueur coffee - £6.95

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